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Most of our wood veneer comes in 2'x8' and 4'x8' sheets.  Typically we stock both a 10mil paper backed veneer or a wood-on-wood (WOW) heavier back veneer sheet. PRICE LIST

Veneer is also available with other stiff backer alternatives, or with a pressure sensitive adhesive (peel and stick) backing.  The adhesive backed veneer is ideal for refacing cabinets which have a smooth finish or plastic laminate face.


edgeband.jpgEdgebanding Veneer

Real wood edge to match all our cabinet grade plywood.  Available in 13/16" or 2" widths with hot melt glue backing, pressure sensitive adhesive, or no glue.

Sold in 250 ft rolls or by the foot.  You can pick up just as much as you need!

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