In addition to selling hardwood lumber and plywood for cabinets, furniture and other specialties, we offer custom cutting, planing, sanding and more in our shop right here at the store. 

Have a drawings and cut list?

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If for instance you are building your own cabinets but don't have a table saw, we can help!  Just send us your cut sheets or list of pieces, then you take it home ready to assemble.


While we stock much of our lumber already surfaced smooth on 2 or 4 sides, we also can surface rough boards up to 20 inches wide.


Our 37 inch dual drum sander is sometimes just the right tool to surface and smooth things like doors, table tops and butcher blocks.  Drum sanding available for shop time charge plus set up fee.




 TERM_____                 DEFINITION
Board Foot A unit used to measure volume of lumber equal to one square foot, one inch thick.  For example a piece of wood 2"x6"x12" is equal to one board foot.
Burl A knotty or ingrown part of a tree that often yeilds complex grain and highly figured wood.
Crosscut A cut made perpendicular to the grain.
A technique used in woodworking joinery that is valued for its resistance to being pulled apart.  Often used when attaching drawer sides to the drawer front.
Figure  Naturally occuring design or interest in wood grain
 Unseasoned or fresh cut wood that typically holds high moisture content
Kerf The void or gap of wood lost when a cut is made.  The width of the kerf should be equal to the set of the saw.
Planer A machine used to reduce the thickness of wood.
Rip A cut made parallel to the wood grain.
Spalting  Any form of wood coloration due to fungi.  In light colored wood such Maple spalting might be seen as black lines along the grain.
Veneer Thin slices of wood, usually less than 3mm thick.  Used for the face surface of plywood, furniture accent, or inlay.  Some veneer has a backer material for reinforcement.
Wane  Refers to bark or live edge present on a sawn piece of lumber.